Bi Fold Door Prices: How Much is My Bi Fold Door Really Going to Cost

Reynaers CF77 Aluminium Bi Fold Door

How much are Bi Fold Doors and where can I find Bi Fold Door prices?

This question is usually top of the list of  “need to know” facts a Bi Fold Door shopper has when beginning their search.

Before getting in to the numbers let me use an analogy to put the Bi Fold Door prices below in context.

Think of a buying process familiar to most of us – Buying A New Car – despite most people having limited budgets the majority of vehicles sold include lots and lots of upgrades like Sat Nav, Power Steering, Alloy Wheels, Metalic Paint etc. This is because car buyers understand that they will be living with their vehicle everyday for years to come. And as they want to be happy with their purchase they add the extras to eliminate the risk of having buyers remorse.

So please understand that the guide prices will be for the “base model” and that you will probably end up adding various upgrades to get the Bi Fold Door that will give you pleasure for years to come.

As Aluminium Bi Fold Doors specialists I can show you very accurate prices for Aluminium Bi Fold Doors and using my industry experience a best estimate on Timber & Plastic Bi fold Doors based on the prices listed on the relevant websites.

Due to the vast differences in quality across various systems I have excluded the very low end Bi Fold Door systems (to use the car analogy again think Lada)  as showing you these prices will not help you gauge true costs and certainly won’t eliminate buyers remorse!

Although I have strong opinions about which material is best for Bi Fold Doors the two most popular alternatives (shown below) are viable Bi Fold Door solutions. If only for reasons such as limited budget or a pure love of natural timber? Both will no doubt do a decent job.

The price examples shown below are for made to measure Bi Fold Doors In the 3 most commonly used material groups and each one includes the same glass unit specification U Value of 1.2 W/m2K meaning they should all easily conform to current building regulations.

Supply Only Bi fold Price – 3 Panel Door 3m wide x 2.1m high (exc vat)



Aluminium – Reynaers CF77 – £2200

PVCu – Rehau (plastic) – £1485 (the maximum allowable width for this Plastic system was 2.7m, you may need to specify a 4 panel door to achieve a 3m wide opening)

Timber – Kloeber Eurofold£2875


Bi Fold Door Extras (upgrades)


Survey – £100 – £250 per door

Installation – £450 – £800 (It usually takes less than 1 day for professional Installers to complete the job)


Bi Fold Door Options Prices For Other Common Upgrades


Projection Cill – £25 – £75 per M (Used to direct rain water away from the building structure)

Trickle Vents – £25 – £40 each (Provides background ventilation required in some building situations)

Triple Glazing – £75 – £125 per unit depending on specification (note: not all Bi Fold Doors have the ability to accept the wider Triple Glazing)

Level Thresholds – £50 – £95 per M (Useful when you want seamless transition from inside to outside)

External Locking Handle – £150 – £400 each (Most systems provide internal only handles so this can be specified when external access is required)

Non Stock Ral Colours – 10-15% surcharge (Great for matching the character of the building)



I hope that the information provided will help you in some small way in your search to find the best Bi Fold Door for your specific needs. Read about the pros and cons of each of the materials mentioned above  in our Bi Fold Doors: Which  is the most suitable material? page

If you have any comments about this article we would love to hear from you.

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